My thoughts on: Hi, my Sweetheart

SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!! yeah I know I was away for quite a while. But in my defence I have to say that it is just too hot to sit at home and blog.. I know it’s a bad excuse but it’s the truth xD

Even though I was away for quite a while I didn’t miss the chance to watch a taiwanese drama with my friends. We enjoyed the drama „Hi my sweetheart“.

Here are the two main charachters:

Show Luo & Rainie Yang (aren’t they cute? ^_^)

The chemistry between those two was just perfect. And Rainie’s acting skills are better than before. She has matured and played her character really believable. Well Show Luo really suprised me. I have never seen him before with such a role. He was funny, at times heartbreaking but always cute. I think that his character was the most difficult one to act but he mastered it.

The story:

Well I just want to show you two clips.

The first one:

& the second one:

Well, what should I say anymore..There is nothing left to say..But you should really watch it..It’s worth to watch!!




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