My thoughts on: Romeo and Juliet (play)

Ending scene of Romeo and Juliet (the movie)

On March 22, 2010 there was a performance of Shakespear’s „Romeo and Juliet“ in the state theatre of Darmstadt. I had to drive three hours just to watch this play.. You should know, that I hadn’t had the time to read this book, but still went to the theatre to watch this.. The play was in english, so at first I had some problems to understand, but after a minute I understood quite a lot of things. So you didn’t have to know the book to understand what the play was about..

The actors were great. The Romeo actor played really sensitive and you could see his misery, despair and his love for Juliet. I really believed him, that he loved Juliet with all his heart. The Juliet actress was also very good but not so excellent like Romeo, because at the end, when Juliet has this dagger in her hand and she is going to kill herself just to be together with Romeo again, there she didn’t act like you expect it. She was quite energetic and not sad, not mourning about Romeos death. She wasn’t even in despair..I had this feeling.. I don’t know what other people think about her performance but I did not like her acting at the end.

The actors and actresses had all more than one role except Romeo and Juliet..Well I am sure that Juliet’s actress played just Juliet but Romeo..I can’t remeber anymore..

All in all, it was a very good performance and even if you haven’t read the book, you could understand everything..


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