My thoughts on: The first shop of Coffee Prince

Before I write about my thoughts, here are some information you probably want to know:


The cast of this drama was really good chosen, because all the actors and actresses played really good. I loved the characters of Go Eun Chan (played by Yoon Eun Hye), Choi Han Kyul ( Gong Yoo), Ha-Rim (Kim Dong Wook), Sun-Ki (Kim Jae Wook) and of course  Hwang Min Yeop (Lee Un)..You just had to love  Min Yeop, because he was soo cute..The other characters were good too, but not as good as my Top 5.

The Story:

At first you just think it is a typically asian drama story..Well it is really a typical drama story, but nevertheless you just get captured by this drama..Go Eun Chan is mistaken for a guy, because she is flat, wears boys clothes, has no manners..But for her it’s okay, as long as she can work and help her family. Since her fathers death, she became the head of her family. One day, she meets Han Kyul who also mistake her as a guy..He offers her a job as his gay lover. His grandmother wants him to marry and to take over their company, but Han Kyul wants to go to America to become a toy designer. Go Eun Chan accepts his offer and so every date they play a gay couple. His grandmother gets angry and says, that he can go to America if he manages to triple the sales of a coffee shop within three months..and so the Coffee Prince is born..I don’t want to spoil anything but I can tell you, that the relationship between Han Kyul and Go Eun Chan will deepen and that even so, Han Kyul thinks Go Eun Chan is a boy 😀

My thoughts on this drama:

I have to admit that I found the drama at the beginning really not interesting, but after I saw some Music Video made with clip from Coffee Prince, I started to rewatch it..I am really happy that I did, because you will fall in love with this show. It was interesting to see how Han Kyul first tried to supress his feelings for Go Eun Chan and then he accepted them. His reaction as he finds out that Go Eun Chan is a girl was also suprising. I thought that he would react like the boys in Hana Kimi, but his reaction was different. Soo, if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it! Believe me you won’t be disappointed^^


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