Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep.1

I really liked the first epsiode of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. But before I start I should tell you that in the drama there is one more character who does not exist neither in the manga nor in the anime. It is Oba-chans son Takeru played by Kato Seishiro.


Okay and everybody who read the manga knows the chapter with Sunakos friend Yuki and her story. Well this episode is about this chapter.

This episode starts with Kyohei. He is working and all the customers (most of them are women) go crazy when they see him. They just want to be served by Kyohei. So Kyohei gets angry and yells at them.He even beats his boss, because his boss sexually abused him. His boss fires him.

Back at home:

Oba-chan is in Dubai. She tells the guys that her niece will come and that they have to turn her into a lady. Then they don’t have to pay the rent till they graduate. Everybody accepts this. Suddenly the lights turn off and Sunako appears xD and Yukinojo cries „A woman has to be cute and not scary“ haha

Sunako is afraid because everything is „too bright“ but her cousin Takeru tells her that he will protect her. After dinner, the guys want to look at Sunakos face but she refuses. Kyohei calls her ugly and she gets depressive and goes back into her room. The next day Sunako is away. The guys look for her. Ranmaru gets the information that she is in Hokkaido. Kyohei and Takeru set off for Hokkaido.

I forgot to mention that somebody takes pictures of Kyohei but we dont know who it is. Kyohei thinks that his stalker might have kidnapped Sunako.



In Hokkaido a girl takes Kyohei and Takeru in her house. Takeru is sleeping. The girl is making tea. When Kyohei knocks pictures over, he sees that these are his pictures and suddely he knows that this girl is his stalker. He opens the door and sees the girl with a camera taking pictures of him. He tries to get the camera and suddenly somebody hits him. Who is it? Sunako ^_^ Kyoheis stalker is actually Sunakos friend Yuki. Yuki sells the pictures and sends the money to her boyfriend Masao. Kyohei realizes that Yuki is swindled by Masao. She doesn’t want to accept this.

Back in Tokyo: The guys make a plan. They want to swindle back Yukis money. But Yuki tells Masao this plan and…

If you want to know what happens next, then watch Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge episode 1 😀


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